Not great. In fact, I would rather you didn’t ask.

Rejections can bring you down.

Somehow, somewhere in my deluded brain, I thought that I could be the exception rather than the rule and that I would only have to deal with a small number of rejections.
I thought that by just getting a bunch of queries out there, my book would appeal to someone. I…

Using writing apps, Scrivener vs the LivingWriter.

Scrivener, the older version.

This week I have been distracting myself with work and family stuff. When I finally sat down to write, I managed to distract myself some more. I was having doubts about the two books I am writing and thought I should write a romance or a cosy mystery instead. Because…

Don’t fall for the idyllic picture painted by chicken people.

What they tell you it is like, and sometimes it is.


When I finally moved to the suburbs and had a real live actual backyard, owning chickens seemed like such a great idea.

As an animal lover, what could be better than knowing my eggs came from chickens that were happy and loved. …

Setting goals and daring to dream.

Usually, New Years Resolutions aren’t my thing. Or if there were drunken declarations in my youth, I didn’t remember them the next day. This year I feel the need to be clear about my intentions. I want to honour my writing and my ongoing desire to be a better writer…

Obviously, I did not grow up on a farm.

Unnamed house mouse on his daily expedition outside.

My husband just came into my study to let me know one of our cats had caught one of our goldfish. A big one. The fish, not the cat. And now it was pathetically flapping around in the hallway. Again the fish, not the cat. I am not sure why…

All I want for Christmas is to write.

My obsession with writing is not going away. I would have thought that at 194 weeks into this writing journey with nothing to show for it, I would be flagging by now. I would have thought that I would be ready to give up. That I would accept that this…

Writers Block is just having to have a life outside of writing.

I’m kind of a fan of the idea that there is no such thing as ‘writer’s block’. I feel like you can always push yourself to write something, anything, even if you have to jump chapters or mooch around editing some bits and bobs. Or even just write something else…

I completed NaNoWriMo and I am pretty happy about it.

I wrote fifty thousand words in a month. I actually completed a NaNoWriMo. Strictly speaking, I did what is called a ‘Rebel NaNoWriMo’ as I started a second novel halfway through. It isn’t my fault if a story jumped out at me and insisted on being written, is it?
Today feel…

A tale of two stories vying for attention.

There I was happily plodding along with NaNoWriMo and the second Dawn novel getting the words done, moving forward with the story when boom! The way to write my Stepmother Murder story came to me. I have been mulling over the idea of a thriller about murdering a stepmother for…

I have a request and a whinge.

Today, I want to talk about this blog and why I write here. Why I published most of my memoir here and what I jolly well am not here for.
Let me be really clear. Medium for me is a place to publish my writing and to read other peoples writing…

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