Depression and Back Again.

Or why there was no Diary of Being a Writer; Month 64.

Emma Sachsse


A colourful garden with a black and white Cocker Spaniel and a Dalek sculpture.
My garden brings me joy.

The following was written a few weeks ago. And what a difference a few weeks can make. I found an excellent online counsellor, I even used the work provided counsellor and they were also excellent this time. I am walking again and getting outside and into the garden. I looked for a new job, found one and quit my current position and I move on in a couple of weeks.

I am feeling happy and well.

I know this pattern, I have had depressive episodes since my teenage years. However, I hadn’t been hit by the depression this hard for a while and it took some unpacking to work out what was at the root of it. It was a combination of things and took multiple actions to find a way out. It also took time, as always.

I am grateful for the skills I have developed over the years that mean I know to reach out for help.

Shout out to my “rocks in the pocket” friend, who is my first port of call when it gets overwhelming and talks me off the ledge.

I don’t normally share these thoughts in such an unfiltered way. I feel vulnerable doing so but I do so in the hope that they give you some reassurance that with time, patience and practise;