Diary of Being a Writer; Week 105

Having a routine really does make it easier.

Emma Sachsse
3 min readMar 13, 2020


It is a public holiday here today, so we shall see how well my new routine sticks. I am betting despite the extra degree of difficulty I will still get some writing done.
And then some editing.

I did, I did! I did get my words done, and I even got some editing done.

However, today I might not, because of doctors appointments and meetings. But it doesn’t feel so bad because of yesterday being a win.
I may take some work with me because I managed not to have everything all bunched up in one block of time. So we shall see. I feel pretty distracted by it all already.

I was right. Nothing was written yesterday, but that is the last time one of those things will interrupt. There will be more doctors appointments, though. My foot surgery is booked for the 29th of April.

Having disrupted my routine yesterday, I find myself sitting here feeling scatty and like buggering off from my desk and playing hooky.
Instead, I have spent the morning trying to do bits of research and finding I don’t have access to specific journals with my free alumni library membership with Uni SA. I have just paid Flinders University for alumni library membership and hopefully access to more journals.
I still feel like running off to do gardening or go shopping or have coffee with some friends.
Coffee. I can have some coffee.
Maybe I should have listened to myself and just gone and done something constructive because I have now managed to fritter away an entire morning on god knows what.

Let’s see if I can actually get some writing done now?

Jesus Christ, I wrote that sentence and immediately checked twitter, not only that I tweeted as my cat. What is wrong with me?

By the way, @AImpressed(my cat, Agatha) has interacted more on Twitter in the five days she has had an account than I have in the five years I have had one.
I hate social media. You know, when I am not mindlessly consuming it or contributing to it.



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