Neurodivergence Seems to be Spreading.

And now it is in my home, and possibly my brain.

Emma Sachsse


Tuxedo cat and Ragdoll cat hanging out together the tuxedo looks surprised the ragdoll looks relaxed

Neurodivergent brains seem to be having their day in the sun right now.

As a counsellor in a private practice, they have become part of my daily life.

As a step mum to two teenage girls, they have now encroached on my personal life too as I am seeing traits in my step-daughters and my husband.

Then it was pointed out to me the other day that I too have some very obvious neurodivergent traits. That in itself was no surprise to me, with a lifetime of anxiety and depression. I knew my brain was different. I just hadn’t considered a diagnosis further on from that.

And I want to make it clear that I think it is great that being neurodivergent is being normalised. However, I am also aware it is suddenly looking like it is everywhere and that people are feeling lots of things about it. Including me.

It is great that I now have some more pieces of the puzzle that explain my brain. That gives possible explanations to some of my thought processes and some of my quirks. However, that doesn’t mean I need to rush to get a diagnosis (luckily, because there is a wait of at least three months anyway). Nor am I telling everyone I know. I haven’t changed. And my past hasn’t changed. So…